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For students sixteen years old and above who do not feel that the classroom is for them, we have a distance learning program.  The program will allow these students to attend class once a week for tutorials, and testing.  Students will need to have a working knowledge of computers and internet usage.

Who are good candidates for distance learning?

  1. Students who are past the traditional high school age but want to complete their education.
  2. Students who have left school previously but would like to return.
  3. Students whose socio/economic status requires that they be employed during traditional school hours.
  4. Students with disabilities that may make sitting in a classroom uncomfortable.
  5. Students who have less than four credits remaining to graduate, but do not wish to remain in school for an entire year to complete those credits.
  6. Students who have been dismissed from public/private school for an extended period of time but would like to complete the current year’s credits.
  7. Students who are unable to pass high school competency exams that are required for graduation.
  8. Students, who have received certificates of attendance or completion from high school, but need a high school diploma for work or higher education purposes.

In order to utilize the distance learning program, students must have access to a computer with internet capability since some assignments and assistance can be obtained on-line.  Distance Learning students must adhere to the school’s dress code and conduct/safety policy.

Students must be present during required meeting times. In accordance with North Carolina guidelines, we will use this as a method of keeping an attendance record on each student.
Students are required to take test, complete assignments and log on-line when required for classroom discussions with other distance learning students and the instructor.  Unless notified otherwise, students will take test weekly in the school’s testing center.  If students take more than one course at a time, at least two subjects must be tested weekly.

Distance learning requires that one be self-motivated and disciplined.  Each student will determine how rapidly he or she completes the program.



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