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Why doesn't the school simply raise tuition and do away with the Annual Fund?
By augmenting tuition with Annual Fund Donations, we can keep tuition costs more affordable for more families. In addition, voluntary support is a primary indicator of any school's health. The Annual Fund is an important way families show renewed support every year and this is very important to foundations as we apply for grants and other donations.

How do Annual Fund gifts differ from Capital gifts?
The Annual Fund campaign is ongoing. Since its inception, New Life Christian Academy has appealed to the New Life family to make an investment on behalf of the school's present and future students with a gift to the Annual Fund. By definition, Annual Fund reserves are unrestricted and are used to fund current operations. The Annual Fund is money the school lives by. The dollars can be allocated where they are needed. On the other hand, Capital gifts fund new facilities and are typically restricted to a specific project.

Is my Annual Fund donation tax deductible? Can it be matched by my company? Can I give stock?
Your gifts are tax deductible, and many corporations have matching gift programs that will "double" your contribution. Many people choose to give appreciated stock, and therefore avoid capital gains tax. We are delighted to take stock contributions. Please call the Development Office at Office Phone: 910-868-9640 for more information.

Why do you solicit each year for the Annual Fund?
The funds raised in annual giving are generally used within one year of when they are raised, and are used to support the annual operating budget of the school.



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